Ditch Fast Fashion

Posted by Sue Clarke on

My local gym Surrey Sports Park is currently supporting Phyllis Tuckwell, Hospice Care by asking member to give donations of clothes, shoes, accessories, books, DVDs and bric a brac which can then be sold in their charity shops.

As a family of five, with three kids who are complete hoarders this was just the opportunity for a clear out and fantastic cause to support.  Marie Kondo would have her work cut out with my three.

Would I finally get to see the floor of their rooms again?

Saturday afternoon was the appointed time, and I distributed the special Phyllis Tuckwell bags. Hubby found some pretty solid stuff; a suit, which post two ultra-marathons (lockdown boredom) no longer fit a few shirts, and a pair of sandals that I was not unhappy to say goodbye to. I felt nostalgic at saying goodbye to a few dresses purchased in France in more  carefree pre-covid times and some things I had bought in Dublin, which I no longer wore.

My kid’s story was quite something. Anything from a certain High-Street shop, whose name begins with a letter which sounds like C, was in too sorry a condition to donate. The hems had unravelled, the t-shirts had shrunk, the material was baggy or with holes, and to top it all, everything had only been worn a few times. It was such a waste.  

Seeing the pile of sad, saggy clothing, we agreed to make better and more sustainable choices wherever possible.

This is one of the many reasons I’m so proud to work with KAFFE and ICHI who are part of the Danish DK Company.

The DK Company collaborates with factories that are committed to increase sustainability in their supply chain and ensuring that working conditions are decent.

They also believe in designing clothing that are good quality, lasts longer, and don't require dry cleaning (shouldn't this be basic requirements for all clothing?).

The cat walked by daughter’s bedroom yesterday, took a peak around the door but moved on quickly to claim his usual spot, the bottom of our bed.

Her grand clean up clearly didn’t  pass muster with his majesty.

                               His majesty rejects fast fashion for VESTET.COM